Queer Mais Trash

Queer Mais Trash, the non-binary festival taking place a couple of days before the Pride: 3 evenings of screenings, concert and party!

This year edition will be light but high level:

The 10-11 May program features: for the opening, the best of LGBTQIA+ movies from the last Courts Mais Trash festival, the 100% never-screened-before screening, and the very much explicit "Queer Mais Super Sex" screening. We realize that this announcement is not the faint-hearted. Don't worry, we will have everything to take care of you in the comfort of Aventure cinema. Book your tickets, because as usual there won't be enough of them for everyone.


On Friday, we occupy Café Central to reveal the winners, whom you and you only will be choosing. Then big fiesta with the concert of David & Mat, followed by the DJ sets of Arthur Scott et Karo. This "After Queer Mais Trash Party" is free!