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    Siti ((Ciné-Club Bakulkultur)


    Réalisateur/Regie : Eddie Cahyono
    Acteurs/Cast : Sekar Sari, Bintang Timur Widodo, Ibnu Widodo, Titi Dibyo
    Pays/Land : Indonésie
    Genre : Drame
    01:35 - EA - DIG

    FR :


    Siti has won several awards, both in Indonesia and in international cinema circuit. It is the remarkable portrayal of a strong female role at a time in cinema when it's becoming frustratingly obvious that good female roles are still severely lacking in cinema. It is also a complete picture of a woman, and we follow her through her everyday internal and external struggles, forced to constantly look at the world around her like an outsider and lacking a more human closeness from her husband, who helplessly and hopelessly lays in bed in a quasi-­?catatonic state.

    The film's structure borrows elements from the impulsiveness of neo-­?realism. As such, it is also driven by a melancholic sense of humour that enhances the drama of the young woman's life from a feminist perspective. This also enjoys accentuated sensitivity by a stylistic contrast with the old and new, visually represented by the use of black and white photography -­? usually meant to romanticise a story -­? and a handheld cinematography that on the other hand adds a dense stark feeling of realism. (



    It’s a story of a woman, the titular character (Sekar Sari)—who breaks the ordinary, working a double job for her family. The sea, which used to give her family a life, has just taken almost everything in a fishing boat accident. Siti’s husband, a poor fisherman, sailed to the catastrophe with a loan boat, leaving him paralyzed and greatly indebted. To cope up with the desperate aftermath, Siti works in some ways that she can do—selling homemade peyek jingking (similar to crab cracker) at the beach during the day and hosting clients in a karaoke parlor at night—showcasing two personalities she has. (Paskalis Damar AK)




    Eddie Cahyono (1977, Yogyakarta, Indonesia) made his first short film in 1998. In 2001, he founded Fourcolours Films. He received numerous of awards for his short films. In 2007, he graduated from the television department of the Indonesian Institute of Art in Yogyakarta. SITI (2014) is his second feature film. (