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    On the edge of Happiness


    Réalisateur/Regie : Wil Mathijs
    Pays/Land : Belgique
    Genre : Documentaire
    Année/Jaar : 2016
    VOSTBIL - 01:10 - EA - DIG

    FR :


    After Bulgaria became a new European Member State in 2007, it is possible for Bulgarians to travel and work freely in Europe since 2014. For several years the two colleagues Stefan and Niki, together with their families, have attempted to find a dignified life and a bit of happiness in Ghent, Belgium. In the industrial periphery of the city, they take shelter in a rotten, collapsed barrack on the immense domain of the public transport company De Lijn, hoping for a job, social support or a home that will never come.

    On The Edge Of Happiness is a social surreal, observational, existential film that penetrates and respectfully portrays the life in the barracks. It's a story about friendship, dreams, perseverance, social justice, poverty, inter-European migration, human rights, tolerance, loyalty and ultimately fate. A contemporary Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ in our fragmented European backyard, in the shadow of the current migration & homeless crisis. From zero to below.