PRIAPUS Priapus, Aphrodite / EL / 2023 / 3min / DCP / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere

Priapus, the ever-erect god of lust and desire meets Aphrodite, the bodacious goddess of love. May the search for divinity in the temporal never end!

RONALD MCBOTTOMS FOR SOME MCDICKEN Finn Darrell, Travis Sherwood, Francisco Galeno Caban IV / USA / 2022 / 7min / DCP / OV EN ST FR / International Premiere
American national treasure, Ronald, thought he was one of a kind, until now! When Ronald meets Ronald, worlds collide, and lust blossoms into a food-fight fiasco full of mustard and mayo.

THE MAN WHO PERCEIVES ALL Emre Busse / DE / 2024 / 8min / OV EN, DE ST FR / Belgian Premiere

In his provocative new work of existential science fiction, Emre Busse invites his audience to question the meaning of “the gaze” as part of the post-human experience by replacing the eyes on the face with the orifice. This jarring visual and switch from the literal to the metaphorical leaves the protagonist to redefine his own human desires while reinventing his new self. In this new, surreal world of customizing sexual desires, one is left to question why they have been programmed to accept the bare minimum of their deepest desires in the first place!

PERFECT FLOWERS OF THE SCUM GENERATION Wilde Davis / USA / 2023 / 18min / OV EN ST FR / Belgian Premiere

Inspired by their putrid desire for this butch hustler named Hollywood, this queer triptych follows a clan of revolutionary femmes as they are driven to righteous violence. It’s an experiment in degradation, a ritual of magick.

GHOST SONG: DIRECTORS' CUT RTALIN , JorgeTheObscene / DE / 2023 / 3min / SONG, VIDEO CLIP / Belgian Premiere

Two queer vampires and lovers from Berlin, living one of their usual nights out: seeking for drugs, blood, lust and having strange encounters until dawn.

BARBIE GOES TO THE MADHOUSE Kink Barbie, Jo Rios / BR / 2024 / 23min / NO DIAL / World Premiere A bloody sexy thriller porn.
Barbie gets kidnapped and finds herself locked up in a MadHouse Hospital and gets fully examined by a hot doctor. Will she be able to escape from this hell?