MASTURBATION(S) PornProcess 3 / BE / 2023 / 16min / OV FR ST EN

MASTURBATION(S) tells a story of voices and bodies responding to each other, without embellishing or staging the reality. Hands dive in, experiment, touch, sweat, slide and rub against each other.
With shoulder cameras we dive into the fascinating and vulnerable world of individual and collective masturbation, a constant process on our bodies and our images.

M.C THE FISTING QUEEN Nour Beetch, Nicky Lapierre / BE / 2024 / 4 /DCP / NO DIAL /World Premiere

A double fist in D-Minor.

MANIFXXXST AQUA-SENSIBLE Klou et Cata / BE / 2023 / 8min / DCP / FR OV ST EN / World Premiere

Manifxxxst aqua sensible is a pamphlet for the right to be turned upside down by the ocean. A vulgar, poetic ritual. Porous dirty talk that doesn't give a fuck about convincing, but just wants to touch. The ramblings of a cul-cul siren who are proud of it.

DEEPTHROAT Mikesaf / BE / 2024 / 7min / NO DIAL / World Premiere

In apnea, with a fulfilled throat, time twists like the body under tension. Pleasure shared to the point of hallucination.

GAMÈTES CLAP! Collectif, Nova Medusa / BE / 2024 / 16min / OV FR ST EN / World Premiere

To finally start her hormonal transition, Nova needs to go through one last step : the freezing of her gametes. To support her in this difficult masturbatory endeavour in a hospital ward, Matos, Estech and Aimé-es decide to accompany her. Armed with their cameras, lights and colour gel filters, the dream team of CLAP ! infiltrates the ART service to make this trial the most pleasurable as possible.
Gametes is an ode to T4T loves, mixing documentary and fiction to highlight a little-known stage of MtoF transitions.

ORAL SEX PornProcess 3 / BE / 2024 / 8min / DCP / NO DIAL / World Premiere

Two mouths meet each other on a sparkling and colorful night which brings us beyond what should be a one night stand. Between two music notes, words fade out, language disappears and tongues take over. Talks turn into passionate kisses to remind us that we never really need sex to have sex.