Beauty Hurts

POLISH KINK Tomek Rustecki / PL / 2023 / 27min / DCP / OV PL, EN, RU ST EN, FR / Belgian Premiere

Is pain a hard drug? Does a man who submits to a woman retain his masculinity? How many fetishes are there and where is the limit of sexual imagination?
A subculture mainly associated with beatings, humiliation, aggression, licentiousness and all kinds of deviations may be more complex than it seems.
4 masters of female domination and 4 submissives persons in a documentary film about Polish femdom, and "Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism" - in short BDSM.

ROPE BURN ColorBlock Films, Oran Julius / USA / 2023 / 6min / DCP / OV EN ST FR / Belgian Premiere

In this kinky sex scene, obedient submissive Mae Muerte (she/they) follows the leader on hands and knees towards the attentions of two hungry sadists. Calba (they/them) makes artwork out of binding Mae to their will and handing her over to AfroDisiac (she/her), who jumps to explores Mae's dedication to submission with a combination of impact toys and metal clamps. After they've had their fill, AfroDisiac and Calba reward Mae with attention of a different kind.

Content warnings: lead/leash, rope bondage, partial suspension, impact, metal clips

SARX Viola V / MK / 2023 / 2min / DCP / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere

The ecstasy of the sublime subverts arcane religious ritual into personal pleasure.

MOMMY'S LITTLE TWINKS Torri Lisek / GER / 2023 / 10min / DCP / OV FR ST EN / Belgian Premiere

Cobalt and Manon Praline have followed each other on social media for some time but never had the chance to meet. They finally meet to hook up and bring their favorite toys with them.

VANESSA Finn Darrell, Travis Sherwood, James Bird / USA, UK / 2023 / 5min / DCP / VIDEOCLIP / Belgian Premiere

Vanessa is a sensual and dark exploration of self-pleasure. Finn explores the inanimate body of Vanessa, a shop window mannequin found on the streets of New York, and engages in a lustful encounter. The film is a comment on the social standard for masturbation, exploring how one can find meaningful pleasure solo, and the beauty that lies in object fetishisation.

DAS MEDUSENHAUPT My Babyallgone / EL / 2023 / 3min / DCP / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere

I’m sitting behind Viola in class.
I want to flick ink at Viola.
I want to pull Viola’s pigtails.
I want to cut Viola’s pigtails right off in my fist.
I want to tug Viola.
I want to tie Viola together
I want to be mean to Viola.
I want to transgress into Viola’s lap.
I want Viola to write me off.

A porno short about castration

WRONG HOLES ONLY Revenge, June Fontaine / FR / 2023 / 9min / DCP / FR ST EN / Belgian Premiere

Pleasure and arousal can come from unexpected places. Or unexpected holes. Wrong Holes Only is a joyful and messy short made for those who are tired of anuses, mouths and vaginas. And those who do not flinch at the sight of a medical tool.