Trough The Fucking Glass

A BRIEF HISTORY OF PORN CINEMA WITH BELA LUGOSI Jonathan Rodrigues / BR / 2023 / 12min / OV PT ST FR, EN / Belgian Premiere
Bela Lugosi returns from beyond the grave to present this documentary that investigates the origins of erotic and pornographic cinema, with uncensored images from surviving films. A collage project creating a documentary with real information in an unusual way.

BIG SUR GAY PORN Ryan A. White / USA / 2023 / 12min / OV EN ST FR / Belgian Premiere
Cult filmmaker Tom DeSimone revisits the production of a lost gay film and resurrects youthful adventures on the California coast, but nostalgia isn't always 20/20 vision.

LES FANTÔMES DU HARD Lazare Lazarus, Lupa Charon Gateff / FR / 2024 / 26min / OV FR ST EN / Belgian Premiere
Produced from VHS porn tapes from Mineshaft, a gay SM fetish club that is open in Marseille since 1967.
This film made with videos archives enters the underground halls of our troubled and deviant sexualities, towards the roots of our bdsm imaginaries, for us to rebound with sexual genealogies.

PROJECTION OF PORN Celeste Fitts, Diego Tigrotto / IT / 2023 / 7min / OV IT ST FR / Belgian Premiere
Mainstream vs indie: during a screening, the projection of a pornographic product takes life.
“The projection mechanism is a concealment of a positive or negative content that the individual should recognise, but rejects for a certain reason. For example, because of underestimation of self or because the content is immoral.”

GOOD BOY Marco Antonio Núñez / CL / 2023 / 9min / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere
The author's erotic imagination is mixed between desire and magazine clippings, and the trade of collage becomes a ship that travels from outer space to the city itself.