Looking For U

CUMWICH Agostina Prato, Virginia Molinari / AR / 2023 / 24min / SONG, VIDEO CLIP / World Premiere
Rebecca Link gifts to herself the most beautiful dick in the world.

LUSCIOUS Inka Winter / USA / 2022 / 12min / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere
Sweet turns to spice and all things nice in this scintillating, sensual film celebrating curves and the divine feminine. Lesbian lovers Karla Lane and Marina Maree take their time adorning and anointing themselves for each other

HARDROCKS Juliette Uliana-Paul-Émile Landez-Bérangère Géhan-Félicie Diaz-Lise Caro / CA / 2023 / 3min / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere
During the Palaeolithic, humanity is going through a glacial period that threatened survival.
Only a happy coincidence could allow humans to live...

THE BAR altSHIFT / CA / 2020 / 14min / OV EN ST FR

A short film by altSHIFT starring Kayden Gray and Bishop Black and featuring Dan Rosen.
A sensual celebration of movement; the Private Dancer hypnotises everyone who watches him perform, unlocking their deepest desires, sending them down the rabbit hole of their lust and controlling their bodies.
Inspired by Lynch, Fassbinder and Kenneth Anger, the film is a kaleidoscope of sound and vision, drawing the viewer into a world of pleasure and indulgence.

UNDER THE CHERRIES Frida Retz / DK / 2024 / 16min / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere
In an absurd landscape where the grass is alive, and flowers grow out of asses, a goat and a goddess explore gender, sex, and power.

JACKOB ET JIM Wolfgang Wisely (My Babyallgone productions) / UK / 2024 / 2min / OV EN ST FR / Belgian Premiere

A twist on the classic blue movie; Informally shot amongst three friends on a ciné-camera. A new couple explore one another’s body whilst their friend tenderly introspects on a late appreciation of the male form.

BLIND DATE 4.0 Jan Soldat / DE, AT / 2024 / 8min / OV DE ST FR / Belgian Premiere
The oppressive heat and their own bodies don’t make it too easy for Hans and Reinhard on their blind date.