Vroom Vroom

TORNA A CASA DOG BYLAN (DOG BYLAN COME HOME) Werther Germondari, Stella Michelin / IT / 2024 / 10min / OV IT ST FR, EN / Belgian Premiere
Stella Michelin is driving her car into a forest and meets an abandoned human dog. They become inseparable friends.

BOXES Joaquin Wall y Yero / AR / 2023 / 2min / OV EN SP ST FR / Brussels Premiere
Un joven recupera su colección de autos rojos para darse cuenta que la escala de sus fantasías han cambiado.
A young man recovers his collection of red cars only to realise that the scale of his fantasies has changed.
En ung man återser sin barndoms samling av röda bilar men inser att hans fantasier har förändrats.

CUM OVER Kir Siegumfeldt / DK / 2023 / 20min / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere
CUM OVER is hot, gay, trans and everything you ever wanted. To guys spend a spontanious night together, jumping on a motorbike in to the night and ends up in a garage where sweaty, horny and carring moments are shared.

HEAVY LOAD Juan Saez / DE / 2023 / 10min / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere
Two sweaty travelers get rough and get golng In the back of a truck, poundlng their way through psychedellc plains on an erotic escape from reality.

FUCK ME BixaPuta, Ramiro / BR / 2023 / 20min / OV PT ST FR, EN / World Premiere
Ramiro and BixaPuta get together to spend a few days at the beach. Diving in the sea, kissing in the river, going down at each other in an amusement park and lots of outdoor fucking do justice to the hot and humid climate of the coast.