Pleasure As A Battlefield

I HAVE,I DON'T HAVE Ming-Chueh Yeh / TW / 2023 / 2min / OV CN, EN ST FR / Belgian Premiere
Proposes a new imagination for the human body and reflects the phenomenon of modern society. Nowadays, people have multiple roles and enjoy the right to choose the gender they prefer.

THE BOYS WHO SIT DOWN TO PEE Bonaventure Tain / MY, SG / 2023 / 22min / OV EN, CN ST FR / Belgian Premiere

Boys who step into toilet cubicles instead of standing at the urinals have a secret to hide.
It is more than physical or psychological, it’s a congenital condition.
‘The Boys Who Sit Down to Pee’ embarks on a deeply personal exploration of ‘hypospadias’ patients

LEVIDIS Iris Glitzer, Officer Flower / DE, EL / 2023 / 11min /OV EL ST FR / Belgian Premiere

A jewel of architecture, Villa Levidis hosted dozens of iconic film shootings from the 60s to the 80s in Athens. Following the fantasies of a daydreamer, queer lust meets the golden era of Greek mainstream cinema in a dialogue around gender roles and social norms.

SCARS Luna E. Heine, Sreya Chatterjee, Lilian Liquid / DE / 2023 / 6min / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere

Lilian‘s body tells the story of trauma and transformation. Wearing her superhero cape she wanders the rims of the city. Fragments of an intense encounter put a spotlight on her contradictory existence.

PUSSY LOVE Linda Krauss / DE / 2023 / 4min /OV EN ST FR

Cool Cat invites you! To join the world of Pussy Love. Enjoy a show of lust and laziness! Let’s have fun with tits and dicks. The claws are sharp, the soda is sparkling and the fur is getting wet. Romance is kitsch. But even the most jaded cat can still be lost for love.