Coup de coeur du court

A l'ombre de chez soi - Amina HADJI

When old aunts say at a family wedding that Eliana is now a grown-up, her whole little girl's world is turned upside down. The day after the party gives way to a cottony afternoon and we follow her path of reflection. Around her, her mother, her father and her little sister also seem to be caught up in obsessions. The portrait of this family of Algerians, lost in the middle of the Ardennes countryside, who find their own means of existence, gently emerges.

Ka Me Kalu - Flonja KODHELI

Stela, from Albania, returns to her mother's home in Brussels to attend her grandmother's funeral. She notices suddenly that her mother is possessed by fear rather than by grief. Her behavior seems confused, absurd and even, sometimes, paranoid. The trauma resurging from the past invade their lives.

L'Apatride - Tawfik SABOUNI

When Salma, a Syrian refugee, gets her residence permit, she discovers that the Belgian authorities have withdrawn her nationality and that of her son. Salma then fights for the recognition of their lost nationality.

Patanegra - Méryl FORTUNAT-ROSSI

1938. A year before the start of World War II, the Spanish Civil War comes to an end. If the victory of the fascists is inevitable, nothing can make us forget the republican heroism of Tom, Paco and Patanegra, a 320 kg deminer pig.