To Talk, To Fuck

Comment bien se faire l'amour 

Matthieu Lebot, Olivier Texier, Collectif Fess'tin, France, 2022, 8'38

This film finally gives you all the secrets you need to know to make love to yourself !

From lubrication to intromission, he reveals the steps necessary to give a quality orgasm to the person you love most in the world : yourself!

Les explorations

Yannick, France, 2022, 33’48

Anal pleasure and all the fantasies around changed Alix’s life. Did you ever welcomed someone inside you? Who knows what can be moved deep inside oneself ? A voice invites you, guides you.

Jouir (En solitaire)

Ananda Safo, France, 2021, 11’50

In this endless pandemic era, where our sexuality has sometimes had to evolve, has been tested, women from different backgrounds offer their intimate testimonies, addressing their desires and pleasures in solitude.


Bea Blue, Germany, 2022, 25’06

Being outspoken in bed is sexy - oh definitely- but should not be treated simply as a fetish. Being outspoken about our needs and desires in bed helps us to set boundaries, allows our partner to truly engage with us and eventually opens the door to great sex. Sex between people is not „magically great“ from the beginning. No. Maybe in movies / fantasies. But in reality sex is a dance between our and our partner‘s needs. The title of the film implies that this film is addressed especially to women: Go girls, guide your partner to your sweet spot! Yes. But… eventually despite gender and orientation. Everyone should feel empowered to speak up. Give yourself a voice and listen carefully.

When was the last time you did stand up for your own desires or ask your partner to do so?