Télétravail Du Sexe

With the emergence of new subscription-based adult platforms such as OnlyFans or MYM, it has become easier to create and sell adult content yourself from a simple computer or smartphone. This content can range from the softest nude photos to the most explicit pornographic videos.
" Remote Sex Work " is a documentary that gives a voice to online sex workers by following them through their daily lives, showing what goes on behind the scenes.
We discover that adult platforms can be a space for creativity and bodily expression, in which many people thrive on a daily basis and develop new professional skills that extend far beyond what the general public imagines.
Whether you've chosen this profession out of passion or convenience, telecommuting sex, like many other solitary and independent professions, brings with it joys and successes, and empowerment... But it also brings burn-out, isolation, alienation from the other person's gaze, pressure to perform and money - itself reinforced by the stigma and censorship suffered on the Internet.

Carmina A., Prune